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Here at Roscom, we provide Risk and Compliance solutions for businesses operating in Telecom, eCommerce, Fintech and Utilities. Our industry-leading controls and risk assurance framework is derived from decades of ‘best practice’ experience in multiple industries, supporting Governance, Risk and Compliance functions.

Our innovative technology and tools have always been focused on accuracy. Combining these precise tools with our risk-based approach has helped us to design and build a world-class control framework, available as a plug and play second line of defence structure.

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Enhancing Your Digital Controls Framework

We want you to see value from our approach to controls. That is why we want to speak with you first to understand what assurance control framework you have in place already and how we can help enhance this rather than a generic ‘out of the box’ solution.

About Us

As a company we state our values in our drive to become a certified B Corporation, as well as our continual drive to add to our list of accreditations. We are certified carbon neutral, running our company off our solar plant and have already eliminated all plastic from many parts of our business including from packaging. We design all our products, write all our software, design and manufacture all our hardware in house. We are a family founded, owned and run business with 50% of our Board and 60% of our senior management being female. Our average length of service is over a decade. 

What We Do

Roscom is the globally leading and trusted technology controls for assurance and compliance company. We use our proven product suite to create digital twins and deliver controls frameworks for technology risk assurance. We adapt our digital twinning for each client from the data sources available and inherent to every digital business and can transform business platforms that are not data rich. The digital control twin delivers financial integrity checks, fraud opportunity eliminations and regulatory compliance proofs while business rule checking, as part of financial integrity, reveals opportunities to maximise profitability through system operational and rule changes. Our controls framework supports through evidence the complex GRC requirement of today’s C Level execs.

Enhance Audit Control by Using Our Frameworks:

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We accomplish the above audit control enhancements by embedding directly into the standard 3 lines of defence of the internal controls model.

We deploy our technology to twin the core business processes and create an integrated controls framework for a complete 2nd line of defence to deliver the controls the business requires. Internal audit as the 3rd line of defence can be enhanced by our external risk-based audit techniques and tools for assessing and testing 1st line controls.

We believe people and paper-based auditing is simply not enough and that Assurance is essential and must be delivered for each and every individual transaction through tech-to-tech audit for controls, so we are leading its creation:

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Based on decades of Telecom learning we have created knowledge-based products which elevate businesses’ own digital data sources to the next level for business control and compliance. We deliver digital control twins which we then use for assurance of revenues, margins, assets, products, supply chains, business performance and to combat fraud. These knowledge-based products enable end to end controls for risk assurance to mitigate known business risks, or to underpin the drive to achieve business goals, compliance proofs or certifications.

Our assurance technologies deliver documented controls domains mapped to risks for the benefit of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) committees and Board activities for leading and particularly for regulated companies. Our Assurance simply reduces the waste of money, assets, resources, time and opportunity while increasing management control though risk visibility. After all you can’t manage what you can’t (or don’t) measure. 

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