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How do you know your bills are correct?

Have you ever wondered how, in this complex world of digital internet technology and on line ‘everything’, what the leading companies are doing to ensure your bills and their service delivery is correct?

There’s an entire world of digital interactions you do within your home from buying eCommerce products, selecting financial services, changing utility providers, choosing telecom social media based channels and consuming on demand entertainment. While you do this, you may notice you suffer from:

  • Inaccurate billing (there are unbilled and late billed records, wrongly charged items and price discount miscalculations)
  • Poor product or service delivery customer experience (lack of service access, wrong products delivered and returned goods lost)
  • Your kids knowing how to get free services or accessing things they shouldn’t

We help leading technology companies to avoid these problems by finding and eliminating them, so you don’t have to suffer, or feel the need to complain about failings to a regulator.

We help leading businesses keep customers happy, protect their brand, fight fraud and avoid customer churn. If you think we can help you please talk to us.

We help you uncover potential profits, hidden margins and make sure you are adding up the right numbers for billing, delivering great customer service and proving regulatory compliance.

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Without input from you, we can test, measure and reveal your customers’ perspective of the services you offer, the quality of experience you deliver and the exact price you charge.

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