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GRC Assurance Technology Tools

Test Call Generation expertise in Telecom led us to ‘follow the money’ so to speak and we deliberately moved into Risk and Assurance for Governance Risk and Compliance functions. We complement and enhance internal audit to become best practice with our technology to technology assurance offering. We have broadened our clients from a niche in telecom to a range of markets all in IoT, or moving towards it. 

In this complex world of digital internet technology and on line ‘everything’, we create what the leading Tech Companies deploy for assurance to mitigate risks. We specialise in adapting our risks to controls model for clients a deploy our tech so it gets C-level visibility.

We have created an arsenal of technology tools to address:

  • Inaccurate billing (there are unbilled and late billed records, wrongly charged items and price discount miscalculations)
  • Poor product or service delivery customer experience (lack of service access, wrong products delivered and returned goods lost)
  • Kids, techies or miscreants knowing how to get free services or accessing things they shouldn’t be able to (fraudulent service access opportunities)

We help leading tech businesses keep customers happy, protect their brand, fight fraud, add top line revenue, enhance their audit functions and of course add to their bottom line. To deliver this means we have to be trusted, with our client’s sensitive data but we have a many decade of proof that we can be.

All this has come from our passion for the best test and measurements possible started over 35 years ago. We started by generating well designed test events and now use this knowledge to differentiate between good and poor service delivery and services correctly timed, measured and rated for billing. We still make and deploy the leading application specific test call tools in the world, but our drive to innovate and the change of technology has opened new directions. All this and our many years of learning on risks and the controls mapped to them is also now part of what we offer our clients, so when our clients innovate, we do too.

We help you uncover potential profits, hidden margins and make sure you are adding up the right numbers for billing, delivering great customer service and proving regulatory compliance.

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