QoS Change Management

Quality of Service (QoS) Change Management is an essential part of new technology roll-out. With each new generation of device, the user’s expectations increase. Now more than ever, the focus has shifted towards better network coverage and faster data speeds. For the network operators there has also been an increase in technical infrastructure reviews, for example assessing the cost and security of OSS switch technology providers. All of these changes can have a dramatic impact on the networks reputation if the change rollout fails to meet the service level agreement. Therefore, when a change is due to the infrastructure to support something new (e.g. 5G), it is essential that the change is managed carefully and tested both before release and during the migration.

Which Category Are You Interested In?

Be prepared to succeed by employing our test call verification equipment before going live.

Utilise live testing and monitoring KPI alerts to ensure that the system changes have been successful as they happen.

Common Concerns for OSS Change Management Teams

  • The service purchased should match the service provided
  • High speed data may by limited only to certain cities or population hotspots
  • Marketing may set a release date without technical implications being considered
  • Selecting the best time to migrate and schedule downtime maintenance
  • For the network engineers to fully implement a service, there must be a clear communication internally between multiple teams. Often, numerous teams are involved in the rollout of a new service or technology e.g. marketing, revenue assurance, finance, customer services etc.
  • Customers will likely need to be informed of planned service outages 

To mitigate these concerns, our solution offers autonomous measurement of network accessibility, service availability, connection retainability and service quality. This is carried out using our end-to-end LIVE test call monitoring. Testing can be carried out months in advance before launch and also during the change migration. Our teams here at Roscom are experienced in communicating with various telecom departments and are therefore perfectly situation to help with your internal communication (we may already be working with other teams in your business).