Digital Twin for Smarter Water Technology

Innovation in the water utilities industry has been very limited in the past few decades, and now with the unprecedented demand for safe, reliable water during population growth and climate change, there is even more need for innovation in this space.

Roscom have been working hard to lead in this field; and are now ready to set the standard with our ‘Smart Water Assurance Digital Twin’. This new technology was designed and built in-house using our 30 years of engineering and assurance experience. This unique digital solution delivers benefits in several areas, including:

  • Reduce water wastage
  • Powered with renewable energy
  • Increase billing accuracy
  • Decrease carbon emissions and footprints
  • Change usage habits through better pricing models
  • Empower consumers with data-driven decisions
  • Enable better regulation
  • Reduce fraud in the market
  • Make water providers more profitable
  • Visualise your water network digitally

Our digital twin innovation addresses these issues, enabling the water industry to take great strides forward in the 21st century.

Innovation in the water industry is critical, highlighted by recent challenges such as found here:

Roscom have accepted this challenge…

Worldwide Distribution

We have carried out over 3,000 projects over the past 3 decades, across 6 continents (one continent was just too cold for us!) and have delivered over 8,500 pieces of test and measurement hardware across the globe.

Our team here at Roscom is made up of a diverse group of experienced multi-cultural and multi-lingual professionals who are looking forward to talking to you!

We Are Global

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Our Solutions

We offer four models: a supported product installation, a cloud install, a technology managed service or a hybrid. These options provide flexibility to suit any budgetary, regulatory or governmental restrictions that may exist. Some clients prefer to keep Assurance activities in-house and we are more than happy to support that!

We are here to be an extension of your existing teams, working together as colleagues to help your Risk or Audit function see value from our relationship. To get our things started, please take a look at our Assurance specific offerings.