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Are your online products correctly priced and labelled?

Millions of digital transactions take place over the internet every day. eCommerce has helped businesses expand their reach from a national to an international marketplace.

Online shopping is now commonplace; whether B2B, B2C or C2C. But keeping track of all these transactions is not easy. For retailers, the issues of correctly labelled products, pricing and promotions, stock locations, returns and their impacts on profits are complex. This is where the assurance requirement starts.

Software systems for inventory control and pricing help, but our technology looks at the bigger picture. It synchronises transactions like returns online and instore, double checks rounding for weights and measures and supports marketing through cross references on discounting. This Inside Out and Outside In approach supports your business goals and once assured gives you the chance to optimise your revenues and margins and ensure you can demonstrate compliance with legislation.

E-commerce tools for online retailers

Our technology reveals

Product labelling and web shop configuration

Branding, marketing presence and sales channel availability

Customer subscription experience, analytics and fraud controls

Order acknowledgement and delivery choices

Precise quantity and unit of measure verifications

Stock Movements, Digital and Physical Locations including returns

Discount and promotion validities, loyalty verifications

Final itemised billing, VAT application and calculation

Customer feedback and price adjustments

My FREE revenue

integrity assessment

Without input from you, we can test, measure and reveal your customers’ perspective of the services you offer, the quality of experience you deliver and the exact price you charge.

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