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Millions of digital transactions take place over the internet every day. eCommerce has helped businesses expand their reach both nationally and internationally to the global  marketplace.

Online shopping is now commonplace; whether B2B, B2C or C2C. However, making the business process fault-free for retailers, seamless for consumers and doing so for all transactions is not easy. For retailers, the issues of correctly labelled products, pricing and promotions, stock locations, returns and their impacts on profits are complex. For platform vendors, ensuring that the web shop to delivery process is risk free whilst also providing great customer experience is difficult challenge. This is where we can help; we put controls on your web shop, assure revenues flowing from it, help you manage suppliers and stocks controlling margin performance, identify fraud or business weaknesses that give rise to it and enhance the customer experience.

Web shop control of pricing, labelling and discounting is often a dedicated activity. Linking this to stock order, acquisition, packing and dispatch is often the meeting of two silos and after all of this there is then the final activity of accounting for it all. We can run our technology over all of these individual activities whether they are linked (or not) by a common platform and use our risk and control domain to ensure you’re in real time control, capturing failures, enhancing your business and maximising your bottom line.

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Risk Report

Compliance Supporting Reports SOC1

We work with large, well known order fulfilment and billing platform providers who are looking to attain SOC1 & 2 compliance. 

Our cloud based solution independently reconciles data from various points in the billing stages to ensure completeness and accuracy. SOC controls are usually designed by the internal technical audit and governance teams alongside any external auditors. Roscom provide the consultancy to identify all the needed individual reconciliations (i.e. data schemas) for the detailed SOC control areas and provides compliance reporting relating to record integrity of the actual platform, its arithmetic and processing accuracy. 

Roscom Accreditations

Our Pedigree

We have proven tools, techniques and decades of experience of Technology-to-Technology assurance. While we have always had the tools demanded by the largest of corporations, we have always designed our technology to be scalable to be deployed into small retailers too.

We are committed to looking after our future and future generations! That is why we have invested in sustainable solar energy in order for us to be able to offer Carbon Neutral assurance solutions from our headquarters. Contract with Roscom for technologies that reduce your carbon footprint.

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Our Innovations

Our list of global firsts is the envy of all of our competitors, and we have many over several markets. We are the first Assurance vendor to bring our pre-built risk and controls domain into the eCommerce field. We are also the first to integrate our SKU capture into our standard Risk Measurement Module product giving a clear view of your web shop offerings and analytics to show the errors or omissions which will cause problems in onward order processing.

Only Roscom offers flexible, affordable, proven and carbon neutral assurance technologies.

Worldwide Distribution

We have carried out over 3,000 projects over the past 3 decades, across 6 continents (one continent was just too cold for us!) and have delivered over 8,500 pieces of test and measurement hardware across the globe.

Our team here at Roscom is made up of a diverse group of experienced multi-cultural and multi-lingual professionals who are looking forward to talking to you!

We Are Global

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International Success

Our eCommerce Assurance Solutions

We offer four models: a supported product installation, a cloud install, a technology managed service or a hybrid. These options provide flexibility to suit any budgetary, regulatory or governmental restrictions that may exist. Some clients prefer to keep Assurance activities in-house and we are more than happy to support that!

We are here to be an extension of your existing teams, working together as colleagues to help your Risk or Audit function see value from our relationship. To get our things started, please take a look at our Assurance specific offerings.

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