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Governance, Risk and Compliance Assurance

Here at Roscom, we provide Governance, Risk and Compliance solutions for service providers such as Telecom, eCommerce, Fintech and Utilities. Our goal is to complement internal audit functions and enhance them by implementing our technology tools. Our services include a risk-based methodology which is derived from our decades of ‘best practice’ experience learned from the telecom industry.

Our Revenue Assurance and Service Assurance test call generation projects produced excellent risk and compliance management benefits to our Telecom clients. As such, our risk frameworks and compliance tools have been further developed and ported across to other vital service provider markets that require intelligent risk assurance.

We have created a suite of technology tools to address:

  • Inaccurate billing - Often caused by late or missing bills, measurement errors, pricing errors or promotion misapplication
  • Customer Dissatisfaction - When a service or product is not delivered as per the expectation
  • Fraud & Leakage Exposure - When loopholes or illegal activity exploit weak business rules, resulting in financial losses to the business
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Years' Experience of Technology Audit Tools
Telecoms, Fintech, E-Commerce, Power and Utilities

Our purpose is to deliver a precise picture, from your customers perspective of the services you offer, the price you charge and the quality you deliver

Our technology and tools have always been focussed on accuracy. Combining these precise tools with our risk-based approach has helped us to build a strong telecommunications control framework. This framework is portable across to other markets such as Fintech, E-Commerce, Power and Utilities. Our desire to innovate and evolve our technology has opened up new assurance directions that we look forward to exploring.

Roscom Reporting

We help you uncover potential profits, hidden margins and make sure you are adding up the right numbers for billing, delivering great customer service and proving regulatory compliance.

What we're up to

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Over 3000 projects

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We have delivered over 8,500 pieces of test and measurement hardware across the globe

Carbon Neutral From Our HQ

We have become the first risk and controls assurance vendor to supply a hundred per cent carbon neutral energy from our HQ!

All of our test call generators used for margin and revenue assurance are powered by 700 plus solar photovoltaics panels using semiconductor technology to convert energy from sunlight into electricity at our headquarters based in Derby in the UK.

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