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Assurance for Governance, Risk and Compliance

The financial services industry is one of the most highly regulated sectors across the globe.

Ensuring the underpinning technology you use to deliver financial services and products is vital to provide an accurate and timely service to your customers. For compliance and customer satisfaction, assurance that everything is performing as you intend all of the time, is critical to your business.

But how do you know the combination of your own, bought in or hybrid technologies are adding up the right numbers and delivering the right service experience?

Our 360-degree assurance products put you in control, revealing the detail in each and every transaction and record, from banking to click and collect, and from mobile payments to digital advertising. This Outside In and Inside Out approach will support your requirement that data flows are assured. Once assured it gives you the chance to optimise your revenues and margins while continuously evidencing you comply with legislation.

Tools for Fintech organisations

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Digital financial services regulation audits

App payment services

Transaction Authentication Services

Charitable donations

Transaction Fraud Prevention Solutions

Digital payment services including banking

Mobile Money Solutions

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Click and Collect Stock control solutions

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Without input from you, we can test, measure and reveal your customers’ perspective of the services you offer, the quality of experience you deliver and the exact price you charge.

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