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After three decades of test and measurement we proudly present our new Company brand, offering and positioning as global leaders in the field of technology to technology assurance. As with all good engineering practice we have spent time and effort ensuring our technology works. Now we have added what we hope is a shiny new front to our business – www.roscom-assurance.com

We have applied our 30 years of learning in Telecoms testing and Revenue Assurance to create technologies matched to risk and controls mapping processes for a range of industries. These allow us to deliver customer lifecycle end to end assurance projects for digital ecosystems. We test, measure and assure revenues, margins and service or product deliveries to help maximise client profitability while proving compliance with ever evolving digital business regulation.

We are proud to have diversified into new markets and to be working with leading companies from Fintech to eCommerce.

The bottom line is we’re proven, trusted technology from serious, fun professionals.

Mandy Blackburn,

Operations Director