OSS Migration Testing

OSS Migration Testing

Why OSS Migration Testing? Making a live change to the mobile network can be a stressful, high risk activity even whilst performing ‘simple’ routine maintenance. For significant changes such as full technical migrations, the risk factor increases dramatically. Not only does the risk factor increase, but the pressure on the engineers to successfully carry out the change also increases.

Merlin™ can provide ‘peace of mind’ to your engineers during these migrations across your entire geographical network footprint, at any time of the day. The Merlin™ reporting will display if the network is continuing to operate within the agreed service levels.

Merlin™ can also empower network management teams who are looking to ensure that third party contractors are meeting the agreed SLA. For example, if a period of network downtime is scheduled from 1am-2am, Merlin™ can verify the time that services comes back online. If there are any delays, or the downtime is extended (and not reported by the third party), then auditable evidence is available for SLA disputes.

How Merlin™ can help during a migration:

OSS Migration Testing Capabilities





Configuring Settings

Technical Change Management

Our automated and independent testing provides assurance in the following technical change scenarios:

We recommend testing before, during and after changes are implemented in order to fully manage the risk.

By utilising our unique test call generation solution, we are able to independently probe and test the boundaries of the technical change in scope. We test using real mobile SIMs or fixed lines and compare our results against the CDRs generated within the billing system (BSS) where appropriate. The OSS/BSS systems can then be carefully validated for integrity and E2E customer experience.

Our solutions are flexible. If your business already uses our test calling elsewhere, simply just add change management to your existing solution. Expansion options are always available to suit your business requirements.

Arrange for a Service Assurance demonstration

Our service assurance and autonomous network monitoring Merlin™ demonstrations only take 20 minutes. Ask our service assurance experts questions or listen along, there are no obligations.


Our Solution

Our Solution
Affordable, Simple and Effective Service Assurance Technology

Our service integrity assurance solution utilises our test call generator experience, accumulated from our static, drive and walk services starting back in 1982. Our primary service assurance offering is called Merlin™. This is an effective system that provides end-to-end LIVE test call monitoring designed to offer affordable assurance with a superb technology pedigree. Merlin™ measures network accessibility, service availability, connection retainability and service quality which is ideal for change management, converged or legacy systems assurance.

Our Merlin™ offering in 2020 has been found up to 50% less in price when compared to other similar tools in the market.

Simple Deployment

Deployment of the Merlin™ solution couldn’t be easier, or more sensible. By installing our event generators in retail stores, our clients have found multiple benefits: hotspot coverage, LIVE in store customer experience, on-site support with a quick roll-out.

Our solution offers ‘just add power’ in-country geographical deployment for the system and is scalable to your footprint; whether it be 10 locations or 1000.

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Flexible Near Real-Time Reporting

This includes SNMP near real time alerting. Map call event failures by voice, SMS, data, location and technology bearer (2G, 3G, 4G, VoLTE, 5G – other technologies available on request).

Results are retrieved within 1 minute and the built-in alarm module raises alerts via SNMP or email as soon as they happen, providing quick visibility of any issues, contributing to minimising the impact of any network element downtime or service unavailability.

These can be issues from large scale failures which are severely degrading or preventing service delivery for all subscribers down to small scale geographical based issues which intermittently affect subscribers.

Transparent Brand Performance

Signify the quality of both experience (QoE) and service (QoS) by taking advantage of our risk based key performance statistics. Over 100 KPIs are available across the technologies. Autonomously monitor the SLA performance of VIP hotspots, corporate events and special events changes. Have Merlin™ alert you about an outage before social media does!

Service Integrity KPIs
Service Availability 98%
Service Quality 89%
Customer Satisfaction 67%