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We’ve been delivering RAN test solutions since the first national drive benchmarking for UK regulatory authorities in the early 1990’s. Today we have a suite of walk, drive and static QoS/E solutions. We know the engineering parameters your NOC needs and have the references to prove it.

Our track record of National Mission Critical acceptance testing, commercial analogue to 2G-5G drive testing and underground transport systems VQ acceptance is second to none.

The ever-increasing complexity of spectrum re-use, RF plans disrupted by building development, RAN sharing and multiple bearers of todays RANS are a far cry from the old analogue single bearer TACS and AMPS networks. This is testing technology we have been working in since our inception and have a deep understanding of.

Tools for Telecoms providers

Our technology delivers:

Drive Testing

Walk Testing

VIP testing

Layer 3



Handover analytics

Bearer/band forcing

Fall back testing

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