Smarter Renewable Energy

Using Roscom Digital Twins

The world of power generation is changing! Large scale state-funded fossil and nuclear generated power is shifting to greener technology, using carbon neutral sources like sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves and geothermal heat.

It has become clear that with this surge in renewable energy and net zero targets, the end user experience and technology has been left behind, until now…

Roscom’s renewable energy suite of technologies provide your customers with a visual digital twin, assuring accurate metering, billing and dynamic pricing so that you get every penny from your green power investment. This digital model also supports ancillary service activities like maintenance planning,  health-checks, and output efficiency.

With our digital twin technology, consumers can access data-rich near-real-time reporting from their renewable source. This provides a transparent and simple solution to your customers so they can see their return on investment and positive environmental impact.

Roscom Carbon Neutral
Solar and wind farm with grass

Customer Centricity – This new data-rich environment is capitalised by Roscom’s next-generation technology:

  • Data-led intelligence available through mobile application
  • Optimise energy consumption with dynamic pricing
  • Ensure accurate usage and billing
  • Maximise surplus energy resale 

"Don't Waste"

Sir David Attenborough – October 2019

“You can do more and more and more the longer you live, but the best motto to think about is not waste things, don’t waste electricity, don’t waste paper, don’t waste food. Live the way you want to live but just don’t waste.”

Legal Regulatory

Regulatory Assurance

We have proven tools, techniques and decades of experience of regulatory assurance.

Customer centricity has created the need for consumer protection regulation, which Roscom is taking a front role to lobby for consumer exploitation from billing errors and service availability.