Our test call generator RAFM solution is a world-leading, complete package for telecom revenue assurance. It enables you to end-to-end test and assure ALL of your revenue streams.

Complete Assurance

The telecoms industry continues to evolve, providing new technologies, products and services. Likewise, your revenue assurance tools need to evolve, not just to keep up, but to lead out in front!

Our engineered test call generation (TCG) tools provide revenue assurance for much more than just mobile and landline services. We are focused on the evolution to next generation assurance.

Roscom TCG is your competitive ‘One Stop Shop‘ to complete telecom revenue assurance.

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The Best Tool for Telecom Revenue Assurance

“The customer comes first” or “the customer is always right” are often heard in a customer-centric industry such as telecom. Based on this focus on customer satisfaction, surely any revenue assurance team would benefit from knowing what the customers are actually experiencing?

Test call generation identifies EXACTLY what the real customer is experiencing. There is no filter. Therefore, any issues identified with TCG that affect service delivery, CDR generation, metering or billing will also reflect what is happening in the real world!

The accurate end-to-end verification provided by our TCGs will identify any technical revenue leakage issues and more importantly any causes for customer complaint e.g. billing errors.

TCG System Components (How it Works)

With TCG, you can discover if CDRs Seconds Bytes are missing!

Industry Leading Telecom Revenue Assurance

Telecom Revenue Assurance teams work tirelessly to optimise the customer experience, however they do not always have the right tools. Our TCG solution covers all of your revenue streams, to identify risks and above all to deliver a significant return on investment. Combining our market leading tools with our experience in revenue assurance, we form an essential extension to your team.

Industry Leading Revenue Assurance From Roscom

TCG Product Guide for RAFM

We are pleased to announce the new Osprey™ TCG product guide!

This guide provides a comprehensive breakdown of our RAFM test calling capabilities and services for all your revenue streams.

You now only need one tool for all your revenue assurance testing needs, and it won’t cost the earth (Carbon Negative solutions).

Revenue Assurance for the Next Generation of Mobile

Our 5G capable Test Call Generators are designed to offer a the complete Revenue Assurance package. Assure all your key 5G activities for voice, SMS, MMS and data with complete accuracy. Meanwhile, safe in the knowledge that the same TCGs can also provide coverage for your existing legacy technology (2G, 3G, 4G), including circuit-switch fall-back.

In conclusion, if your current risk framework does not include 5G testing, then how can you be sure that these revenues are being assured?

Next Generation Revenue Assurance for 5G

If you do not have a 5G capable test generator, then you are not assuring 5G!

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