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Identify revenue leakage, verify customer experience and optimise business rules

To achieve these important revenue assurance targets, we provide test call generation, traffic analytics, data reconciliation and re-rating tools.

As any telecom revenue assurance professional will know, when a consumer uses a device to call, text, browse or stream, there is a large amount of complex activity and processing occurring behind the scenes. The only constant in telecoms appears to be change, so that is why we have designed our technology and tools to be as flexible as possible.

Our revenue assurance services include change management in key areas, such as:

We have seen first-hand just how hard revenue assurance teams work on behalf of the consumers to ensure billing and metering accuracy. This is why our revenue assurance technologies focus on automation, return on investment and audit compliance powered by accurate data.

Our technology measures:

Mobile phone data and calls

GSM and Wireless Operators

Mobile Money Services

PSTN or Wireline operators

ADSL and Broadband Operators

MVNO operators

IPTV and Pay TV Operators

Secure and Emergency Communications

Billing and margins

Regulatory audits

Our Revenue Assurance History

We have been evolving our managed service solution since our very first in 2004. We learned a lot about revenue assurance in those initial years. Including common issues such as: incorrect rounding rule application, boundary crossing errors and other relatively basic rating and bundle application errors.

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In 2009 we consolidated our knowledge of RA risks into our Risk Measurement Model (RMM) in order to create a clear audit framework for our managed services. This included a shift to risk-based testing, rather than volume-based testing which was the industry standard at the time. It also meant that we could benchmark the issues found in one region of the world against another so that there could be a global assurance of all issue types.

Risks Tested 100%
Risks Verfied 95%

Since 2017 we have been expanding our roaming footprint and simplifying our TCG installation process to make implementation and roaming assurance easier.

In 2019 we upgraded our standard TCG RA offering to what is now called Enhanced TCG.

Enhanced TCG for Revenue Assurance

The value in TCG

Most experts will agree that test call generators are an essential tool in the revenue, risk and fraud management toolkit. Our test call generators have been successfully providing CSP’s with excellent return on investment for decades, shedding a light on the genuine experience that consumers receive.

Why does TCG need to be enhanced?

From our experiences, we found there to be two areas lacking when TCG was used in isolation from other tools. These two areas were: risk coverage analysis and the quantification of issues or proposed billing optimisations.

How is enhanced TCG different?

Our new technology allows any RA team to Analyse, Quantify and Optimise revenue by combining our tools into one technology solution. This consolidated solution offers TCG, Reconciliation, Analytics and Re-rate all in one place.

Find more value – Our first ETCG installation trial project in 2019 reported double the number of RA findings over the period of just a few months than if it was TCG alone.

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ETCG Case Study

The Challenge

In November 2019 a Central African mobile operator carried out a prepaid platform migration. The objective of the migration was to update consumer subscription costs without adversely affecting the other areas of charging.


During the migration the ETCG solution monitored full CDR flow and probed the platforms business rules with test calls.


Between 1am and 2am one of our TCG test SIMs was able to download 448MB of data which went unbilled in the IN (although recorded in the GGSN). This drop was also identified in the full CDR flow, as the total volume of IN records was significantly reduced when compared to normal subscriber usage.

The Quantified Result

When comparing the expected data CDR volume (based on comparable previous data) against the usage record in the IN, it was identified that approximately 13,000 GB of data usage had not been billed during the migration hours. This resulted in significant leakage.

How ETCG Works

ETCG for Revenue allows a unique ‘inside out’, ‘outside in’ approach to testing by using the analytics information from your own network to drive the test events performed as an outside mystery shopper.

ETCG Workflow

Our TCG solution generates real subscriber events and offers five levels of independence:

ETCG for Revenue produces KPIs and reporting in the following areas:

  • xDR Generation – discover the CDRs that your systems are not generating
  • xDR Transport – validate the flow of CDRs through the billing systems from end to end, switch to billing
  • xDR Timing Accuracy – compare your system clocks against our ±100ms accurate TCGs with independent GPS timing
  • Metering Accuracy – confirm your switch systems true metering behaviour for voice and data
  • Rounding – establish if the rules published are the rules implemented
  • Rating Accuracy – qualify that the correct unit costs have been implemented
  • Promotion Accuracy – verify that special offers and bundles have been provisioned correctly
  • Billing Accuracy – prove the legitimacy of the consumers final bill

Arrange for an ETCG demonstration

Our Enhanced TCG for Revenue Assurance demonstrations only take 20 minutes. Ask our revenue assurance experts questions or listen along, there are no obligations.

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