Service Quality

Quality communication services are more important now than they ever have been. In most lands, the mobile, landline and broadband communications infrastructure is expected to provide connectivity 24/7 for consumers. This demand has increased further with the large-scale adoption of ‘work from home’ environments. 

Common Concerns for Service Quality Teams

Failure to deliver high quality services

Negative press from the media or online reviews leads to customer churn

Enterprise or VIP public complaints

This can be particularly devastating if VIPs are affected and go public with their concerns. Or if an enterprise names and shames the communication service provider involved

Customer demands are changing

Marketing methods now focused on best coverage and speed when previously fixated on price per usage

The Internet of Things (IoT)

Technological advances such as autonomous driving will depend on wireless service availability and high-quality connections

To mitigate these concerns, our solution offers autonomous measurement of network accessibility, service availability, connection retainability and service quality. This is carried out using our end-to-end LIVE test call monitoring.

Which Category Are You Interested In?

As 5G continues to be rolled out across the globe, both customer and enterprise expectations are increasing to align with the new technology. Learn how our 5G RAN testing solution can help.

Both 4G LTE and 3G continue to be the backbone that supports and underpins the growth of mobile operators. Learn how our E2E testing can verify performance.

The broadband service at home is often the crucial channel by which we are entertained, educated or able to carry out business. Learn how our broadband test event generation can be utilised to monitor and optimise service quality.

All subscribers are important, however, the impact of public complaints from corporations or VIPs can have a significant impact on brand reputation. Learn how our service quality monitoring equipment can be easily rolled out to cover key risk groups.

The number of MVNOs is growing fast in many countries. These MVNOs rely on the MNO to meet strict SLAs on behalf of the customers and regulators. Learn how our test equipment can help you monitor and comply with SLAs.