Our Shared Services can help you to manage your global group telecom footprint from one location

Revenue Assurance Shared Services

In these margin-focused times, cost management has never been so fundamental. Maximising efficiencies, improving processes and consolidating teams/activities continue to be key. Group operators champion the significant benefits of centralising Revenue Assurance activities (in each OpCo) into a shared service (often run by a chosen OpCo or Group).

This approach has many benefits, including:

  • Cost Saving
  • Transparent Costs
  • Economies of Scale
  • Reduce Business Unit Silos
  • Sharing and Learning
  • Central Reporting
  • One Stop Shop
  • Centre of Excellence
Shared Services - Roscom

This shared services team will be responsible for the execution and the handling of central Revenue Assurance operational tasks.

Shared Services - Group Telecom

Osprey™ TCG Is Central To An RA Shared Service

Osprey™ TCG is built with best practice, efficiency and optimisation at the forefront, enabling repetitive operational centralised testing activities to be deployed multiple times for different operational companies. This is achieved through:

  • Central Access: Shared service access to manage testing all OpCo TCGs 
  • Create Test Campaigns: To create test campaigns that can be rolled out multiple times to test Tariffs, user groups , countries on different Sims/Tariffs
  • Scheduling: Pre-schedule test campaigns for future testing deployment
  • SIM Multiplexer: Held centrally to remotely manage OpCo TCG SIMs
  • OpCo Access: Able to access and view the test results, issues, for further investigation and local resolution 
  • Process Improvements: Central process improvements and optimisation
  • Specialised Expertise: Specific advance expertise, best practice and efficiency delivered
  • Training and Learning Hub: Best practice and training shared within the central team

Before you know it, the RA Centre of Excellence is being created…