Not all Test Call Generators are the same. See why Osprey™ TCG excels in accuracy.

Why TCG Accuracy Is Needed

  • A small test error can affect your wider customer base
  • New technology and change activities require precision testing
  • Industry regulations require tight compliance
  • Data now leads from the front, every byte matters
  • Accuracy drives confidence and loyalty
  • Bundles are rife, when does a data bundle finish and a chargeable event start? at a GB? At a MB? at a KB? No, at a byte!

Osprey TCG is used globally by operators and regulators to ensure accurate measurement of internal KPIs and external (regulatory) compliance. 

UK operators use Osprey TCG to successfully comply with the ‘Metering and Billing Direction’, regulated by Ofcom and commonly recognised as international best practice.

Roscom Revenue Assurance Test Call Generator
Ofcom Accuracy Requirements and Roscom TCG Accuracy Delivered

'To measure the compliance of telecoms traffic, you need a tool that can measure the accuracy at a greater order of magnitude than the regulation.'

Most test assurance tools are suboptimal, due to low capability (cost of upgrade), limited coverage (not assuring all revenue streams) and accuracy not at the optimum level. Often operators take solace that if no issues are being identified, then everything must be fine! …to find out for sure, you need Osprey™ TCG.

Our Telecom Assurance Innovations

Our test call generators have a market-leading accuracy of ±100 milliseconds and ±1 byte. This unrivalled level of accuracy reveals the true behaviour of the OSS/BSS such as timing, metering and rounding. Open up previously untapped revenue opportunities by reviewing the business rules in place and creating business cases for revenue optimisation.

We have designed our TCGs with flexibility in mind. Capable of mobile (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G), VoLTE, M2M, broadband, converged voice and standard fixed line test event generation. They are simple to install – just add power.