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Saving you time and money while assuring revenues and increasing margins

Roscom’s uniquely designed technology has supported the global telecoms sector for more than 30 years ensuring accurate and calibrated measurements for billing, assuring revenues and uncovering hidden margins, while also providing independent and certified audits for regulators. Roscom is working with other sectors to ensure they are making the most from their digital transactions and keeping one step ahead of the competition and leading the way in best practice GRC.

Our technology allows for:

Mobile Money Transaction Assurance

eCommerce Mystery Shopping and Revenue Assurance

Physical Stock Control Movements

Data Reconciliation Solution

Usage and Traffic Analytics Solution

CDR content integrity testing

Bypass/SIMBox Fraud Assurance

Digital Transaction Fraud Detection Internal and External

App Testing Assurance

Smart Metering Revenue Assurance

Fintech Mystery Shopping and Revenue Assurance

Regulatory control across all sectors

Our Tools Suite for Telecom/Fintech/Power & Utilities and E-commerce

It took nearly a century for a regulator to require a Total Metering and Billing System verification. We were the first to create a solution and we know we can prove we understand this topic more than anyone.

QoS systems were quick to evolve in the roll out of TACS/TDMA – we know we did the first national surveys for our regulator Ofcom. Since then only one company has been exclusively trusted to roll out a national QoE Emergency service network for a country anywhere in the world. We have the technology and approach to save you time and money on this activity, with references to prove it.

This is the new market leading solution evolved based on 30 years of experience. It’s our Inside Out and Outside In approach, proven to find twice as many issues as traditional TCG as well as prioritising and quantifying them.

Save time, enhance focus and deliver results of financial importance to your organisation.

We have designed our own SIM server or virtual SIM hardware tool. We did this to ensure we know how virtualisation works and so we can track it when it gets used in fraudulent activity inside your network so you can track it and eliminate it.

We have chosen to understand and decode SS7 data streams so we can import them and reconcile them to other data streams within your network, giving you a chance to better eliminate fraud.

This is our billing stream revenue mapper giving you the near real time understanding and therefore control over where your revenue streams come from and allowing you to set thresholds for alarms and change control variance.

This reconciliation module doesn’t reconcile numbers of CDR’s but the content of the CDR’s. After all, unless you’re selling CDR’s why do you want to reconcile the numbers of them?

This module supports the detailed study of the way your network traffic flows and changes as well as supporting intelligent analysis for better visibility and control.
We can take entire swathes of billing data and reprice it in seconds. Designed to be the leading repricing tool for any application.
This is our ETL tool. We can take data of any format, transform it and turn it into either a parsed data set, a filtered set or a reduced data set for any onward processing or to remove PII for data security.
This is our hardware solution to interface to your TV control system and facilitate, remote, automatic accurately timed and controlled TV operation. We can replicate whatever your customer can do so we can ensure it delivers a good quality experience as well as correct billing.
This is our hardware solution to interface to your broadband lines and generate calibration level traffic to ensure all your broadband controls work whether URL, age related content or throttling controls are all in operation as you need them.

Our Service Integrity Tools

Micro Event Generator

Our Micro Event Generator (MEG) is a small form factor test event generator, designed to work with Roscom’s Merlin™ network assurance tool. The MEG Unit performs end to end testing on a CSP’s Voice, Messaging and Data services, ensuring services are available and of a suitable quality. Its aesthetic design and simplicity to install allow the MEG unit to be deployed in public areas or be issued to end users.

Roscom’s MEG units can be used to identify issues, confirm customer reported issues, refine issue descriptions and provide accurate details of issue symptoms. In the case of change management and network fixes, MEG units can be used to verify the network is calibrated as expected and Voice, Messaging and Data services are working as required.