Quality of Service (QoS) has never been so important to your customers. Our test call generators can ensure your network is optimised.

Independent Real-Time Network Assurance

Our RTNA solution is a network of test call generators independently delivering real time network assurance by automatically emulating and assessing real subscriber activity.

Active Monitoring

Scheduled Testing
Roscom schedules test events at agreed intervals to identify issues

On-Demand Testing
NMC & engineers can directly programme calls to confirm issues and test corrections/repairs

Early Warning System

Real Time Results
Results reported within 1 minute, holding call open for investigation

Issues are raised by SNMP/email, which can be integrated into NMC operations

Independent Assurance

End-to-End Coverage
All service-affecting risk points between A-Party and B-Party phones

Network Agnostic
Subscriber perspective measures impact on services, regardless of network infrastructure

Radio Network and GPS Surveying Options


E.g. shops, VIP areas, hotspots

Route Specific

E.g. rail routes

On Foot

E.g. for events, London underground


E.g. drive testing for QoS mapping

Service Quality

In most lands, the mobile, landline and broadband communications infrastructure is expected to provide connectivity 24/7 for consumers. Our service assurance solutions offer autonomous measurement of network accessibility, service availability, connection retainability and service quality. This is carried out using our end-to-end LIVE test call monitoring. Below are some key areas of assurance available:

As 5G continues to be rolled out across the globe, both customer and enterprise expectations are increasing to align with the new technology. Learn how our 5G RAN testing solution can help.

Both 4G LTE and 3G continue to be the backbone that supports and underpins the growth of mobile operators. Learn how our E2E testing can verify performance.

The broadband service at home is often the crucial channel by which we are entertained, educated or able to carry out business. Learn how our broadband test event generation can be utilised to monitor and optimise service quality.

All subscribers are important, however, the impact of public complaints from corporations or VIPs can have a significant impact on brand reputation. Learn how our service quality monitoring equipment can be easily rolled out to cover key risk groups.

The number of MVNOs is growing fast in many countries. These MVNOs rely on the MNO to meet strict SLAs on behalf of the customers and regulators. Learn how our test equipment can help you monitor and comply with SLAs.

Change Management

When a change is due to the infrastructure to support something new (e.g. 5G), it is essential that the change is managed carefully and tested both before release and during the migration. See below our change management testing options for service assurance:

Be prepared to succeed by employing our test call verification equipment before going live.

Utilise live testing and monitoring KPI alerts to ensure that the system changes have been successful as they happen.

RAN Performance

While many traditional network service assurance tools focus on checking for specific problems or monitoring technical processes, our Merlin™  system performs end to end tests, allowing it to detect issues caused by unmonitored components and unexpected technical issues.

Learn about our Radio Access Network reporting that provides live insights into unlocking your network’s performance

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Years Deployment

Reducing Customer Complaints

with NRT reporting of call failures as they happen

Help Customer Retention

by testing all services delivered to Consumer, MVNO, Corporate & VIPs

Monitors Performance Changes

when maintenance or upgrades are being rolled out

400+ Operator Locations Nationally

The Challenge

A Tier 1 operator required earlier detection of failures affecting customers.

The Solution

Geographical coverage by utilising Retail outlets to monitor voice, messages and data quality. NRT reporting and SNMP alerting.

Service Assurance Advantages

Solution is quick to deploy, effective and affordable. Easy to expand location coverage and call types as well as being upgradable to 5G.

“I have worked with many telecoms vendors throughout my career and would happily put your Roscom Merlin team in the top tier with regards to the speed of their customer responsiveness and their willingness to adapt to maximise customer value and satisfaction….”
Nick Judd
VIP Faults and Network Quality - Telefónica

5G Service Assurance

We have been successfully testing and validating 5G for UK mobile network operators since the start of 2020. Our end-to-end live test call monitoring provides a true reflection of the customers 5G experience.

Whether you are expanding the coverage of your existing 5G network, or you are just beginning to rollout 5G, we can help.

Our latest model of Test Call Generator (TCG) has been designed and calibrated for 5G testing. This includes some of the vital data areas such as speed, throttling, metering and bundle depletion accuracy. As such, our TCGs can be recommended for assuring service availability, service delivery and revenue integrity. 

Telecom Service Assurance - 5G