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Why Does Service Assurance Matter?

Our Service Assurance test call generator (TCG) solution measures E2E network accessibility, service availability, connection retainability and service quality. But why do these things matter?

The answer to this question will often depend on the reason for the communication and who are relying upon its success. It can usually be agreed that certain communications are more important than others, for example; a call to the emergency services is definitely more important than a call to the local take-away restaurant. Or perhaps in some African lands where Mobile Money (or Mobile Wallet) is used for almost every transaction, rather than bank cards or cash.

In most lands, the mobile, landline and broadband communications infrastructure is expected to provide connectivity virtually 24/7 for consumers. The marketplace is now often saturated with competing service providers while the thrifty consumers constantly look for the best service for the best price. Any failure to assure these areas can result in bad press and therefore customer churn. 

Service Assurance

It is easy to see why Service Assurance measures are becoming even more crucial worldwide. Even tariffs are shifting towards quality and speed rather than being usage based as they have been historically. In the present / future, the Internet of Things (IoT) and autonomous driving for example will completely depend on service availability and quality connections.

Drive Testing History
Our drive testing fleet in the mid 2000's

Drive Testing

Walk Testing

VIP testing

Layer 3



Handover analytics

Bearer/band forcing

Fall back testing

Enhancing your

quality of service

Here at Roscom we’ve been delivering RAN test call generator solutions since the first national drive benchmarking for UK regulatory authorities in the early 1990’s. Today we have a suite of walk, drive and static QoS/E solutions. We know the engineering parameters your NOC needs and have the references to prove it.

Our track record of National Mission Critical acceptance testing, commercial analogue to 2G-5G drive testing and underground transport systems VQ acceptance is second to none.

The ever-increasing complexity of spectrum re-use, RF plans disrupted by building development, RAN sharing and multiple bearers of todays RANS are a far cry from the old analogue single bearer TACS and AMPS networks. This is technology we have been working with since our inception and is why we recommend our test call generator tools for telecom providers.


Our Solution

Our Solution
Affordable, Simple and Effective Service Assurance Technology

Our service integrity assurance solution utilises our test call generator experience, accumulated from our static, drive and walk services starting back in 1982. Our primary service assurance offering is called Merlin™. This is an effective system that provides end-to-end LIVE test call monitoring designed to offer affordable assurance with a superb technology pedigree. Merlin™ measures network accessibility, service availability, connection retainability and service quality which is ideal for change management, converged or legacy systems assurance.

Our Merlin™ offering in 2020 has been found up to 50% less in price when compared to other similar tools in the market.

Simple Deployment

Deployment of the Merlin™ solution couldn’t be easier, or more sensible. By installing our event generators in retail stores, our clients have found multiple benefits: hotspot coverage, LIVE in store customer experience, on-site support with a quick roll-out.

Our solution offers ‘just add power’ in-country geographical deployment for the system and is scalable to your footprint; whether it be 10 locations or 1000.

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Merlin Australia Capture
Flexible Near Real-Time Reporting

This includes SNMP near real time alerting. Map call event failures by voice, SMS, data, location and technology bearer (2G, 3G, 4G, VoLTE, 5G – other technologies available on request).

Results are retrieved within 1 minute and the built-in alarm module raises alerts via SNMP or email as soon as they happen, providing quick visibility of any issues, contributing to minimising the impact of any network element downtime or service unavailability.

These can be issues from large scale failures which are severely degrading or preventing service delivery for all subscribers down to small scale geographical based issues which intermittently affect subscribers.

Transparent Brand Performance

Signify the quality of both experience (QoE) and service (QoS) by taking advantage of our risk based key performance statistics. Over 100 KPIs are available across the technologies. Autonomously monitor the SLA performance of VIP hotspots, corporate events and special events changes. Have Merlin™ alert you about an outage before social media does!

Service Integrity KPIs
Service Availability 98%
Service Quality 89%
Customer Satisfaction 67%

Service Assurance Case Study

Reducing Customer Complaints

with NRT reporting of call failures as they happen

Monitors Performance Changes

when maintenance or upgrades are being rolled out

Help Customer Retention

by testing all services delivered to Consumer, MVNO, Corporate & VIPs.

400+ Operator Locations Nationally

The Challenge

A Tier 1 operator required earlier detection of failures affecting customers.

The Solution

Geographical coverage by utilising Retail outlets to monitor voice, messages and data quality. NRT reporting and SNMP alerting.


Solution is quick to deploy, effective and affordable. Easy to expand location coverage and call types as well as being upgradable to 5G.


10+ years deployment


“I have worked with many telecoms vendors throughout my career and would happily put your Roscom Merlin team in the top tier with regards to the speed of their customer responsiveness and their willingness to adapt to maximise customer value and satisfaction….”
Nick Judd
VIP Faults and Network Quality - Telefónica

How We Can Help

Our Merlin Suite

Our Telecom Assurance Solutions

Our telecom assurance solutions offer three models: a supported product installation, a technology managed service or a hybrid. These options provide flexibility to suit any budgetary, regulatory or governmental restrictions that may exist. Some clients prefer to keep testing in-house and we are more than happy to support that!

We are here to be an extension of your existing teams, working together as colleagues to help your CSP see value. We currently integrate with revenue assurance teams, fraud assurance teams, service integrity and VIP specialist teams to name just a few. To get our relationship started, please take a look at our ‘out of the box’ suite of technologies available below:

Telecom Assurance

Learn about our Pedigree, Innovations and Solutions

Revenue Assurance

We can help you to assure and optimise telecom revenue streams

Cost Assurance

We can help you to assure costs and improve margins

Regulatory Assurance

We can help you with regulatory compliance

Change Assurance

Assure new products and platforms

Arrange for a Service Assurance demonstration

Our service assurance and autonomous network monitoring Merlin™ demonstrations only take 20 minutes. Ask our service assurance experts questions or listen along, there are no obligations.

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