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Increasing your

revenues and margins

In the competitive world of telecoms every byte and second count. It is important you have the right technology to measure, control, optimise and assure your revenues and margins. 

You sell minutes and bytes not records, so our technology measures your units not your records.

Whether it is mobile or fixed line telecoms, the accuracy of transactions and records generated is important to assure correct billing, avoid the churn and comply with national regulation.

Our proven calibrated technology has supported telecoms providers across the world in their business goals for 30 years.

Since 2019 our new unique Inside Out and Outside In approach in Enhanced Test Event Generation product delivers THE industry leading experience; telling you not only what is wrong and right but also why and if it's material. Save time, enhance focus and deliver results of financial importance to your organisation.

We’ve been the first and the best for 30 years and we’ve just upped our game significantly, delivering to quote a customer ‘a dynamic shift in test call generation'.

Ensure your revenue integrity through revenue assurance, margin increase and fraud elimination created by Roscom.

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Our technology measures:

Mobile phone data and calls

GSM and Wireless Operators

Mobile Money Services

PSTN or Wireline operators

ADSL and Broadband Operators

MVNO operators

IPTV and Pay TV Operators

Secure and Emergency Communications

Billing and margins

Regulatory audits

My FREE revenue

integrity assessment

Without input from you, we can test, measure and reveal your customers’ perspective of the services you offer, the quality of experience you deliver and the exact price you charge.