Power and Utilities

Who's plugged in but not paying

Everyone is tapped into the water, connected to gas pipes or plugged into the electricity supply so assurance starts with a simple problem – who is connected and who’s their provider? The initial assurance step is to have tools and expertise to solve the void and gap site problem through intelligent application of reference data to current billing outputs. Roscom’s tools will integrate into your CRM and validate billing refunds and changes to billing outputs, or reconcile provision requests to billing registrations.

Power & Utilities

A growing proportion of smart meters use the cellular (mobile) network to regularly upload consumer energy readings (thus providing near real-time billing to the consumer). The reliability of this data flow can be concerning to the energy supplier. For example, what happens if a data upload fails or is corrupted.

Our technology pinpoints such failures for resolution. Whatever your range of concerns you need a capable partner who can support you. Keep customers happy, therefore avoiding churn and also demonstrating industry regulatory compliance. We help you ensure that what you charge consumers is an accurate reflection of the energy or service which has been used. Our unique Inside-Out and Outside-In approach supports your business goals and is proven to give you the chance to optimise your revenues and margins. This isn’t basic revenue assurance, this is technology and methodology that reveals billing optimisation opportunities while ensuring you can prove compliance with legislation.

Our technology verifies

Electricity Wholesale Providers

Gas Wholesale Providers

Water Wholesale Providers

Power and Utility Retailers

Calibrating measurements

Complying with regulators

Checking legislation, tariffs and increases

Smart meter audits

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