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Telecom Real-Time Billing

Real-time billing, real-time consequences

Real-time Billing – a Feat of Engineering Real-time billing (or near-real-time) has been around for several years now in telecom, although not rolled out everywhere

Roscom Blog - Keep it Fresh

Keep it Fresh

Are you stuck with testing old technology with your old test call generator solution? Do you have new promotions, new 5G launch, new VoLTE Roaming?

Time of Use Tariffs Blog
Power and Utilities

Will the new energy tariffs save money?

But how complex will your bill be and how will you know it’s correct? Time of use energy tariffs are being designed to cut costs

Utility Week Live May 2022
Power and Utilities

Utility Week Live 2022

We are out and about! After a few quiet years of not much face to face interaction, we are looking forward to attending the 2022

We're Recruiting - Ukraine Refugees with Cloud Experience
Business Update

We’re Hiring – Ukraine Refugees

To support Ukrainian refugees who have been forced to leave their homes in Ukraine and to help them to come here and settle, we here