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Solar Panel Installation
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Roscom – Carbon Neutral From Its HQ

Derby test call generation, risk and controls assurance vendor becomes first to supply a hundred per cent carbon neutral energy from its HQ. Test call

Roscom 5G Telecom

To 5G or not to 5G?

Consumers are much savvier now when it comes to knowing their rights – particularly around refunds. So, will the rollout of 5G cause headaches for

globe fall with USA flag
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Visit to ROCO4x4

During a recent visit to the US for work and after successful business meetings, I decided to take an hour or two out to explore

Tube Compressed London

Testing times for London Underground

When Roscom engineers tested the London Underground in 2008 for connectivity and quality on the TETRA network it was all about ensuring the emergency services could talk to each other. Now Transport for London wants mobile users to have 4G access by the mid 2020’s. We asked our engineers for their views on the highs and lows of making this happen.

Wireless Router

Don’t Forget The Other Data

When you think about measuring data most people in our sector assume you are talking about mobile use. But we shouldn’t forget about data from

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Looking for Analysts

In the long running USA TV series “Friends” no-one was quite sure what the character Chandler actually did for a living. Turns out he was

Changes Coming In 2019

Win/Win for New Converged Infrastructure?

If you’re a network provider the idea of the new converged infrastructure where everything from voice, messaging, on-demand TV and broadcast services are provided through

Roscom 50 Million Test Calls
Business Update

50 Million Test Calls

Being able to provide consistent and high quality coverage for subscribers is the holy grail for network operators. It’s a top priority for users too,